Kristian Jensen: what is a smart city?

17 January 2019 Chloe Brigden

Episode 2

Kristian Jensen his thoughts about the Smart Cities of the future. Smart cities don’t happen by accident, they are crafted and built. We have a choice.

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What if we can change the way we think about road deaths?

16 January 2019 Chloe Brigden

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A school, an office, an entire town: a perspective of New Zealand’s rising road fatalities.  

The total amount of road-related deaths in 2018 amounts to more deaths than the Pike River (29), Kaikōura Earthquakes (2), Cave Creek (14), Mt Erebus Air Crash (237) and Wahine disaster (51) combined. In September this year, the Ministry of Transport (MoT) will lead new road safety strategy, Vision Zero, where acceptance of even one road injury is not an option.

Last year 382 people died on New Zealand’s roads making on road accidents the biggest contributor towards non-health related deaths in 2018. MoT spokesman Brent Johnston calculated that, on average, one  person is injured every hour of every day.

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WSP Opus – paving the way for better roads

19 December 2018 Kate Palmer


WSP Opus has several exciting projects on the go, everything from developing roading materials using waste streams such as tyre rubber and plastics with bitumen, modifying chip seals and other road surfaces with non-bituminous materials that are less prone to water damage, to creating roads that will last for 40 years before needing replacing.

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What is Smart Mobility?

19 December 2018

Episode 1

Is it possible to design a future where car is no longer king?

A future city is determining trends in data, technology and behaviours and utilising such findings to shape the way we live, work and transport ourselves. 

The Future Cities Podcast delves into the behind-the-scenes stories of New Zealand's engineers. As we touch base to see how this information is gathered, analysed and encompassed to build better, more liveable cities. Touching on technologies and trends that have shaped their careers, disruptors in the industry and technologies that are transforming the world we live in. 

In this episode, Expert in Smart Mobility, Louise Baker talks about a vision of our transport future where the car is no longer king, and all forms of transport are easily accessible.

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Mobility as a co-op

17 December 2018 Kate Palmer


It’s clear from the way users have embraced initiatives such as bike and e-scooter sharing schemes that there is a considerable appetite for a future that is built on shared and active mobility.

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Redefining Auckland's skyline: 65 Federal Street

17 December 2018 Chloe Brigden

Harbor landscape crop

We are thrilled to announce that we will be working alongside our Australian WSP colleagues & ICD Property to deliver the structural and geotechnical design for the building that will redefine Auckland’s skyline,65 Federal Street.

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Getting our transport infrastructure future-ready

December 2018 Kate Palmer

transport corridor

Moving people and goods around New Zealand requires infrastructure that crosses regional boundaries, uses multiple modes (on land and water, and in the air), and includes public and private organisations. The decisions we make in this area will affect our communities long into the future. Dr Vivienne Ivory, WSP Opus Technical Principal, Social Science, Resilience, Public Health, discusses the work being done to future-ready our infrastructure.

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Cultural intelligence in sport and recreation

26 November 2018 Kate Palmer

bright day environment 356977

Sport and recreation has an essential role in forming and maintaining the fabric of our communities and our society overall. A vibrant sport and recreation culture can provide social benefits far beyond the sporting field – to underpin happy, healthy, cohesive and resilient communities. Sheryne Lok, WSP Opus Parks, Sport and Recreation Consultant, takes a closer look at what’s happening in Auckland.

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2018 SBN Awards: National Innovation Drives the Smarter Transport Category.

23 November 2018 Chloe Brigden

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This year’s NZI Sustainable Business Awards celebrated the fantastic collaboration amongst New Zealand’s thought-leaders and world changers.  

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Improvement project delivers world class facility

22 November 2018 Kate Palmer


Keen amateur and professional BMX riders now have a world class track thanks to work carried out by WSP Opus for the NZ Transport Agency.
The construction of the new North Harbour BMX facility is part of the Northern Corridor Improvements project.
North Harbour BMX is one of three sports clubs (along with Rosedale Pony Club and Harbour Hockey) that has been relocated by the Northern Corridor Improvements (NCI) project team to make way for the new motorway.
For Maree Drury, Technical Principal – Planning, the project has involved pulling many different threads together to bring the vision to life.
WSP Opus had around 10 designers working on the year-long project, along with contaminated site specialists, planners and stormwater experts.

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