15 May 2008

Opus International Consultants Ltd announced today that it has acquired Project Engineering Ltd, an engineering consultancy in Fredericton, New Brunswick, on the eastern seaboard of Canada.

This will increase Opus’ presence in eastern Canada (Atlantic coastal region) with the addition of 13 staff to bring the total number operating out of Opus’ six offices in North America to 74. Opus currently has offices located in Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Calgary, Detroit and Fredericton. The newly acquired company will combine with the present Opus Fredericton business in new purpose built offices.

Project Engineering Ltd provides services to local authorities and private industrial companies mainly in the areas of civil, municipal, transportation and environmental engineering; GIS surveying and also manages a variety of water/wastewater projects.  Founded in 1987, the company is well known and respected throughout the Atlantic coast provinces of Canada.

Opus Chief Executive and Managing Director, Dr Kevin Thompson, says the merging of the two companies will help to further position Opus in the Canadian market place.

“With the eastern seaboard cities of - Halifax, Moncton, Saint John, Fredericton and Charlottetown playing an increasingly important role in Canada’s economy - with increases in employment and construction, and the rapid growth in services such as professional and business services (including engineering services and architectural design), we see this opportunity as providing a platform for us to further expand in the Canadian market,” says Dr Thompson. “It will allow us to leverage off the business contacts that Project Engineering have built up over the last 21 years and give us an opportunity to gain a greater foothold and bring our own expertise to this growing market.”

“The skills that the Project Engineering team will bring will also complement our existing business in Canada and give us greater access to key municipal sector clients and a wider set of skills than we presently have in Fredericton,” says Dr Thompson. “For example, they are very strong in the water sector, an area in which we are yet to successfully penetrate in Canada. We see this area of expertise being of particular benefit to our long term expansion plans and our growth in the Canadian market place.”

Project Engineering will immediately assume the Opus brand and will become part of Opus International Consultants (Canada) Ltd from today.